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Are you noticing a decrease in the traffic to your website? Are you wondering why your website is falling in Google rankings? If so, it is likely that your site has been affected by one of the many penalties associated with Google algorithms. These can range from the Panda penalty to Penguin or even something else entirely. Fortunately, there are ways to recover from these penalties and get back on track. Google Penalty Recovery Services can help you get back on top of search engine results and regain lost traffic. With expert analysis and careful implementation, our team will provide solutions tailored to fit all types of websites affected by algorithmic penalties

Google Panda Recovery Services

Google Penguin Recovery Services

Manual Penalty Recovery Services


As Google continues to alter its algorithm, millions of sites have been deprived of their superior rankings in search results. The Panda and Penguin updates inflicted tremendous damage on websites that used to rank high in organic searches.

How do You Know you Have Been Penalized?

  • Declining organic rankings for your target keywords or brand terms? Look no further, the solution is here.
  • Alarming diminishment in organic search traffic and leads.
  • Struggling to locate your website on Google? Try searching with “site:” and you’ll be able to find it quickly!
  • You’ve recently encountered a message from Google Webmaster Tools informing you of unnatural links.


As Google continues to alter its algorithm, millions of sites have been deprived of their superior rankings in search results. The Panda and Penguin updates inflicted tremendous damage on websites that used to rank high in organic searches.

If Google Search Console (GSC) has issued you a warning, it is likely your website may have been penalized. On the other hand, if GSC hasn’t sent out an official notification to you yet, there are still certain signs that could indicate a penalty such as decreased visibility or ranking drops in SERPs.

  • A sharp, unexpected dip in organic web traffic from Google’s search engine.
  • Google has completely removed the website from its index.
  • Suffer an unexpected but significant decrease in Google’s organic search rankings.
  • Despite searching for your brand name, it appears that Google cannot find your website.


With our expertise and skillset, we have proudly aided many businesses in remedying their penalty issues, as exemplified by the following:


Google Panda Recovery Service

Are you suffering from the Google Panda penalty? Don’t worry – Pugmarks is here to help! Our team of professionals are thoroughly experienced in aiding organizations recover and rise again, enabling them to reclaim their prior ranking. By utilizing our exclusive Google Panda Recovery Service, we’ll make sure that your website not only regains its lost ground but also propels ahead of your competitors. Here’s what our service entails:

  • Deep Analysis: A detailed analysis of your website.
  • Issue Identification & Solution: Pinpointing the root cause of the panda penalty is essential in order to resolve it. Once identified, specific solutions must be applied to address those issues and restore your website’s rankings..
  • Respond and Recovery Reports :Our team will guide you through the reconsideration process and ensure that your ranking remains high with our ongoing support..

Our team of experts are knowledgeable in the Google Webmaster Guidelines and have a deep understanding of how to effectively restore websites from the dreaded Google Panda penalty.

Google Panda Recovery Process

A Google Panda hit can be a death sentence for any website, as it severely penalizes sites with duplicate or low-quality content and too many advertisements at the top. In such cases, your only hope is to hire expert help in order to regain lost rankings. That’s where our team of professional Panda Recovery Experts comes into play! With us on your side, you will benefit from:

  • Baseline Rank Check.
  • Assessing Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics to identify the cause of a decrease in website traffic.
  • Copyscape your site pages to find duplicacy.
  • Run our crawlers to discover and analyze low quality content issues.
  • It is essential to eliminate or update pages with low-quality or duplicate content and replace them with fresh, engaging material in order to boost visibility.
  • Help block the crawl of pages which can’t be fixed.
  • Resubmit the XML sitemap in webmaster tools.


Google Penguin Recovery Service

If your website has suffered from a Google Penguin penalty, our team of professionals can assist you in restoring your ranking and web traffic. With extensive experience with websites penalized by Google, we offer an array of services including:

  • Obtain link data: In-depth analysis through automated & manual methods.
  • Evaluating and removing links: Utilize Google’s disallow and re-inclusion services to prevent any potential penalties by eradicating links from articles, forums, and blogs..
  • Submit disavow requests to Google: Our professional team of experts will submit disavow requests to Google for you, so that your website is back in compliance and good standing..

Google Penguin Recovery Process

To tackle sites with low-quality links and excessively optimized anchor texts, Penguin experts at Pugmarks conduct a thorough analysis of the most influential link factors. Our recovery process for Google Penguin penalties includes:

  • Evaluation of Inorganic/Unnatural Links.
  • Analyzing Links from Google WMT Latest Link Report, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs.
  • Systematically assessing anchor texts, PR distribution, link farms and IPs to guarantee maximum efficiency.
  • Filtering-out backlinks on the basis of theme, anchor text Being Used.
  • Identifying the Links that need to be removed.
  • Contacting Webmasters on your behalf to remove these bad links.
  • Thorough Documentation the process and the response.
  • Creating disavow.txt file for the sites/urls we are not able to remove and submitting the same.
  • Monitoring Google Webmaster Tools for the changes in inbound link numbers.


Manual Penalty Recovery Service

When a website disregards Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, it will be subject to the manual penalty imposed by an actual person at the company. The severity of this punishment could increase depending on the extent of violation.

  • Google’s manual penalties are the most severe, and should never be overlooked!
  • Google Discover and News could both be subject to penalties, while some of the sanctions might only apply to either one. As such, it’s important to be aware of potential repercussions from any action that could violate their terms.
  • Google sends the website proprietor a warning through their Search Console when they have incurred a penalty.

Manual Penalty Recovery Process

If Google perceives some of the inbound links on your website to be manipulative or potentially damaging, you will receive an Unnatural Links Warning from their Webmaster Tools. This process is similar to our Google Penguin Solution; however, Pugmarks experts will focus more heavily on link removal than disavowing the link due to its importance for SEO purposes. Our team’s procedure includes:

  • Analyze Links from Google WMT Latest Link Report, Majestic SEO, ahrefs
  • Carefully inspect these links for anchor texts, PR distribution, link farms, and IP checks to ensure accuracy.
  • Filter-out Backlinks on the Basis of Theme, Anchor Text Being Used
  • Identify the Links that need to be removed
  • Contact Webmasters on your behalf to remove these bad links
  • Thoroughly Document the Attempts
  • Create disavow.txt file for the sites/urls we are not able to remove and submitting the same
  • Craft a Reconsideration Request to Google that includes the document we created while attempting removals so our request carries more influence.
  • It is essential to respond promptly to any follow-up inquiries from Google and make the necessary changes they request.

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